MJ Ordinance No. 1949, dated 11/25/2015 - Published in the Official Gazette of the Union on November 26, 2015 - Provides for procedures related to naturalization, alteration of settlements of foreigners and registration of nationality, and equal rights between Portuguese and Brazilian.

The application for naturalization should be addressed to the Foreigners Department of the Ministry of Justice, instructed with the documents listed in Ordinance MJ 1949/2015, given in a list to be added to the file (application forms available below)

Ordinary naturalization - for those who have a permanent residence, have lived in Brazil for four years, know how to read and write Portuguese and have no conviction for more than one year;

Extraordinary naturalization - for those who have lived in Brazil for fifteen years and have no criminal conviction;

Provisional naturalization - for foreigners admitted in Brazil during the first five years of life, definitively established in the national territory;

Transformation of provisional naturalization definitively - requested up to two years after reaching the age of majority.

Special naturalization by marriage with a member of the Brazilian Foreign Service in activity or with a person in the service of the Brazilian State abroad;

Special naturalization for being or having been employed in a diplomatic mission or consular office in Brazil.

Ordinary naturalization

Application for Extraordinary Naturalization

Application Provisional naturalization

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Transformation of provisional naturalization definitively

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