Permanent Residence for refugee or asylee

The Immigrant who is in Brazil as Refugee or Asylee and intends to stay in the National Territory must meet one of the requirements of Normative Resolution No. 06/1997, with the changes endorsed by Normative Resolution No. 91/2010 of the National Immigration Council - CNIg.

A refugee or asylee in Brazil may apply for permanent residence in any Federal Police unit if they meet at least one of the following requirements

To be a resident in Brazil for at least 04 (four) years in refugee or asylum status (according to Normative Resolution nº 91, of November 10, 2010of CNIg;

To be a qualified professional hired by an installed institution in the country;

To be a qualified professional recognized by the relevant body in the area;

To be established in a business resulting from equity investment that meets the objectives of Normative Resolution No. 84 of the National Immigration Council regarding the granting of a visa to a foreign investor.

First Step

1) Fill in the application form that could be found at the following link of the Ministry of Justice (, icon “Entrada e Permanência”/ “Permanência”/ “Permanência definitiva de asilado ou refugiado”, or at any Unit of the Federal Police Department


2) Make the payment of the GRU-Funapol fee for foreigners, available on the Federal Police website:

3) Go to a Federal Police unit and present the following documents:
Completed application form
Original and copy of CIE;
Certificate of criminal record issued by the Public Security Department of the state  of residence.
Original and copy of the Work Portfolio (CTPS)
Two 3x4 cm photos, equal, frontal, colored, with white background, recent and undated.
Copy of proof of residence (One of the following documents: bills of water, light, landline or mobile phone, or declaration of residence made by the owner of the property where the person lives);
Declaration of absence from Brazil, specifying departure dates and arrivals to the national territory, with the respective destinations and reasons; proof of
GRU / FUNAPOL fee collection.

4) Follow the process on the website of the Ministry of Justice via “Consultas a processos” or directly at the Federal Police.

If the request is granted:
If the request of permanency is DEFERRED, the interested party must appear at the closest Unit of the Federal Police Department to apply for the residence card.


If the request is rejected:

If the request for permanency is not approved, the interested party has a non-extendable period of 15 (fifteen) days to request a reconsideration of the decision.

The request of reconsideration must be supported by facts and documents that could give rise to the modification of the decision. It should be also filed with the closest Federal Police Department or the Assistance Center of the National Secretariat of Justice.


In addition to the supporting documents to revise the denial decision, the application must be accompanied by proof of fee payment of R $ 183.06 (one hundred and eighty-three reais and six cents), which must be paid according to the Collection Guide of the Union - GRU.

The GRU can be issued at, the Federal Police Department website, and by entering the revenue code of reconsideration request 140163.

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Consultation of process progress:

The progress of a process can be monitored electronically. Access the Electronic Sistema eletrônico de Informações - SEI of the Ministry of Justice. Then, place your protocol number. The system will show the first and last progress of your process, and the date on which it was done.

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