The 1951 UN Convention and its Protocol (1967) are the foundations of the refugee protection on which many international laws and practices are based. In Brazil, the issue is regulated by Law nº 9.474, of July 22, 1997, which created the National Committee for Refugees – Conare.

Refugees are people outside their country of origin and cannot return due to a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in social groups, or widespread human rights violations.


How to apply for refugee?

To request a refugee in Brazil you must be in the national territory. The refugee can be requested at any unit of Federal Police Department. The protection of the Brazilian government will be required by submitting the below form, duly completed and signed, along with the collection of  biometric information.

Step by step for the request of refuge

Request of refuge in the Federal Police:

After printing the Refuge Application form, you have to complete it with your data and submit it to the Federal Police station where the biometric information is going to be collected. Then, the Federal Police Department will forward the Application to the National Committee for Refugees - CONARE;

Formulário de solicitação em inglês;

Formulário de Identificação de Familiares em inglês;

Register your request in the Federal Police:

You will receive a provisional protocol, valid for one (1) year and renewable until the final decision of CONARE about your refugee application. This protocol is your identity document in Brazil. It is a proof that your immigration status is regular, and that you are protected and can not be deported to a country where your life is at risk.

With this protocol you will have the right to obtain a Individual taxpayer registry registration (CPF),  work permit (CTPS), and access all public services available in Brazil.

Cadastral Update

Update your contacts in the nearest Federal Police Department; also, in the CONARE through the Cadastral Update Form (Formulário de Atualização Cadastral).

Therefore, if you change your address, please inform CONARE uding the Cadastral Update Form (Formulário de Atualização Cadastral).

IInterview with CONARE representative

CONARE will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. In the interview, the interviewee must provide as much data and information as possible in order to prove that he/she fits the refugee concept of Law 9.474 / 1997.

The interview has great importance in the CONARE Plenary decision. It is conducted in a language of applicant’s understanding. When it is necessary, an interpreter could assist the applicant.

If you want to make a scheduling, fill out the interview scheduling form (Formulário de agendamento de entrevistas);

Order Decision - Deferment

If the request of residence is DEFERRED, the interested party should go to the closest Federal Police Department to their residence in order to carry out the registration, and hand the following:

1. Notification of CONARE (In São Paulo:  Rua Otto de Alencar, 270 Liberdade, São Paulo / SP);
2. Request application form, issue of foreign identity card click here .;
3. Proof of residence (simple copy).

Order Decision - Refusal and Reconsideration

If the request for residence is not approved, the applicant must fill out the appeal form and deliver it to the nearest Federal Police Department within 15 days of the date of receiving the notice.

Formulários em português;

Formulários em inglês;

Formulários em espanhol;

Formulários em francês.

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Consult progress

The progress of the processes can be monitored electronically. Just access the Electronic Information System - SEI from the Ministry of Justice and place your protocol number. The system will tell you the first and last progress of your process and the date it was performed.

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