Who we are:

Beyond the Walls is an idealization of Wilbert Rivas - Latin American immigrant of Quechua origin, who has been working on migratory issues since 2006 in São Paulo.



Our objective is to implement an online communication system (virtual platform and application) that helps immigrants and refugees to access information with a focus on migratory regularization in the city of São Paulo and Brazil, taking into consideration the current migratory flow.

This tool is prepared in several languages and a simple didactic way. It allows access to a wide range of information of public, private and third sectors on the Municipal, State, and Federal levels -especially the information related to migratory issues-.

It is supported by São Paulo Development Agency – ADESAMPA- through the Technological Initiatives Valuation Program – VAITEC-, which is linked to the Municipal Department of Development, Labor and Entrepreneurship of the City of São Paulo.